Modular tanks of any complexity

Production and installation of prefabricated tanks
for storage of water and other liquid substances with
volume from 20 up to 8000m30

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Технические характеристики

Technical characteristics

The frame of the tank is made of galvanized corrugated steel. Corrugation increases several times the rigidity of the frame. For example, the capacity of corrugated metal with a thickness of 1 mm in stiffness is equal to the capacity of "smooth" metal with a thickness of 4-5 mm.

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Scope of application

Why clients are working with us for more than 10 years?

Full management of the object

We perform turnkey works: designing, construction work, installation and commissioning

The best price

The cost of a modular tank is significantly lower than analogues of concrete, fiberglass, polyethylene and metal

Certified products

Tanks are made according to  technical specifications and received all certificates and sanitary and hygienic conclusions


The term of production and installation of tank takes from 21 days

Full warranty

Warranty for prefabricated tank - 5 years. Service life - 50 years

Highest quality

The quality of membrane allows you to store drinking water, food and slightly aggressive substances

Installation process

Installation of a tank for drinking water in Kovel. Installation was performed by specialists of Aquapolymer Engineering LLC in 10 days. Modular capacity of the MakBox trademark.

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Customer request

Calculation of cost of tank

Signing the contract. Advance payment

Execution of general construction works

Assembling and installation of tank


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Customer's reviews

Drinking water tank, Khmelnytsky region

Віктор Килимник

технічний директор «Сантехмонтаж»

I would like to thank the staff of Santechmontazh to the specialists of Aquapolymer Engineering for their help in the project to ensure uninterrupted supply of drinking water in the village of Yarmolyntsi, Khmelnytsky region. According to the terms of reference, a huge tank for creating a water...

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Андрій Стернічук

керівник УКБ ЖКГ м. Ковель

Probably each of us remembers the situation when, according to the plan to eliminate the difficult man-made situation, which was allowed by the well-known Kovel state enterprise, a decision was made to build a modern water supply system. And many residents of Kovel with the participation of...

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Павло Ганинець

директор санаторію "Квітка полонини"

One of the leaders of the sanatorium-resort sphere of Ukraine sanatorium "Kvitka Polonyny", located in the heart of Transcarpathia, on behalf of the management of "Constellation", staff and vacationers expresses great gratitude to the director and employees of "Aquapolymer Engineering" for the...

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Fire tank, Volyn region

Михайло Квятковський

директор компанії "Шинака-Україна"

During the inspection commission headed by the chief inspector of the department of medical care for the population of the regional administration's health care department Mykola Bernie, on February 22 in the village of Piddubtsi the results of the reconstruction of the first outpatient clinics...

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