Fire water storage

Fire water storage

Fire water storage tank – necessary safety measure

FIRE TANKS Fire tanks are considered an important element of fire protection for various facilities – from factories, gasoline stations and oil depots to shopping malls. Aquapolymer Engineering company specializes in the manufacture and installation of fire tanks. Depending on the client’s wishes, the option of cooperation is possible not only with already developed projects, but also in the format of an individual order. Using innovative developments and advanced materials, the company produces reliable and durable designs for fire water, maintaining the competitive value of orders.

Fire tanks from 20 to 4000 m / cubic

Fire water storage tanks are mandatory at many sites due to the specifics of the activity (fuel and lubricants depots, etc.), but are also relevant for public places. Having only primary fire extinguishers is not always able to cope with an emergency at the site. Savings on fire safety standards, which leads to a lack of necessary fire extinguishers, threatens the loss of property complexes and expensive equipment. Huge water supplies are often needed to eliminate fires of various scales, and to protect employees and store equipment. Modular fire water storage tanks manufactured by Aquapolymer Engineering are able to help in critical situations. All types and sizes of tanks are available for different objects. Direct installation of the tank on site is performed by technicians for 1-2 days.

Advantages of our fire water tanks

fire water tanks In contrast of vertical steel totanks, modular tanks are times cheaper, at constant endurance of quality:
  • Due to the small size and small weight of the modules, the tanks are transported by one car (tank up to 2 thousand cubic meters).
  • The steel framework provides necessary rigidity of modules, dismantling for transfer is also possible.
  • The internal polypropylene insertguarantees water tightness and long life time.
  • tanks can withstand almost any weather: from winds of 45 m / s to earthquakes of up to 7 points.
  • Warranty for our tanks is 5 years, and service life is 50 years.

Buy fire water storage tanks

Buy fire water storage tanks To find out which design parameters are right for you, call our phone number +380672458889, and the support service will consult you free of charge.