Fish cultivation

Fish cultivation

Tanks for cultivation of fish, crayfish

FISH CULTIVATION TANKS Are you planning to start the  business for cultivation of fish, crawfish, shrimp or mussel? In this case, you will need ponds or pools for cultivation of fish. The main advantage of tanks is the possibility of installation, both outdoors and indoors. Installation of tanks is carried out quickly, thus the minimum of construction works is required. tanks 1.2 – 1.5 meters high and up to 1000 m³ are used for cultivation of sturgeon, trout and other fish species. The parameters of the tank and technical characteristics are selected taking into account the number of fish and features of service. This project can be implemented by you: The application scope of modular tanks is not limited:
  • Creation of stocks of drinking and technical water at industrial enterprises and for domestic use.
  • For preparation and treatment of wastewater;
  • For watering greenhouses and gardens;
  • Provide water to human settlements, water supply and wastewater enterprises, poultry farms.
Pools for fish cultivation

Pools for fish cultivation. Technical characteristics and features of installation

Fish cultivation  tanks in Ukraine are in great demand due to their excellent operational and technical characteristics, including:
  1. Strength – is provided by a metal frame made of quality steel;
  2. Corrosion resistance – is achieved through a galvanized coating of corrugated steel sheets;
  3. Waterproof – due to the polypropylene insert, the design of the tank is completely airtight and durable;
  4. Practicality – a wide range of sizes from 13 to 1000 m2 is presented, which allows to satisfy any customer requests;
  5. Cheapness in production – for installation there is no need to involve special equipment and expensive lifting equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing and installation of tanks, compared with the prices for steel vertical tanks and reinforced concrete structures;
  6. Mobility – if necessary, in just 1 day, a tank with a capacity of 100 m3 can be moved and installed elsewhere;
  7. Stability – the design of the tank for cultivation of fish is not afraid of earthquakes and strong gusts of wind up to 45 m /sec;
  8. Ease of installation – the tank is assembled manually in a confined space.
Tanks for cultivation of fish, crayfish The “Aquapolymer Engineering” company offers to buy tanks for cultivation of fish at an affordable price. Our installation service will install a turnkey tank on your site in a matter of days. The tanks are guaranteed for 60 months. You can contact our consultant by phone indicated on he header of the website.