Oil and molasses

Oil and molasses

Modular tanks for oil and molasses: more than 160 standard sizes

TANKS FOR OIL AND MOLASSES The technology of production of sunflower oil and sugar molasses requires special equipment and storage tanks. Such tanks are needed not only by producers, but also by agricultural and commercial enterprises, as well as suppliers of basic ingredients for bakery products to European and domestic markets. Modular tanks are components of transshipment points in marine terminals, from which sunflower oil and molasses are exported.

Requirements for tanks for oil and molasses

To ensure long-term storage and quality of products, as well as ease of maintenance, tanks must have the following properties:
  • In the manufacture of tanks environmentally friendly materials that meet the requirements and standards of the food industry and national state standard GOST should be used.
  • Oil and molasses should not freeze in the winter, so the tanks must be maintained at the optimum temperature by means of installation of heating elements.
  • The tank design must be provided with shut-off valves and receiving hatches for the possibility of rapid drainage of molasses.
  • Tanks should be compact and not take up much free space.
Aquapolymer Engineering company will manufacture fast-forming modular oil and molasses tanks for your needs, which meet all the above requirements.

Design of modular oil tanks

When designing modular tanks, various factors that make the operation of tanks safe and convenient must be taken into account. Our engineers will design a tank that will be functional, reliable and durable. We provide a guarantee for a capacity of 5 years. At the design stage, the design of the tank, consisting of the main and auxiliary elements, is agreed with the customer. The main elements of structure:
  1. Galvanized metal frame made of quality corrugated steel.
  2. Plastic or steel cover.
  3. Thermal insulation material to maintain the optimal temperature.
  4. Environmentally friendly polypropylene insert.
For convenience of service of modular tanks in coordination with the customer the list of additional constructive elements among which is approved:
  • connection of pipelines and shut-off valves;
  • thermoelectric heaters to maintain the optimal temperature of the liquid;
  • ladders and different types of piping for easy maintenance of tanks.
We offer advanced technical solutions that allow you to move the prefabricated tank to another location as needed and without great expense.