Liquid mineral fertilizers

Liquid mineral fertilizers

Tanks for storage of UAN of any size

TANKS FOR LIQUID MINERAL FERTILIZERS The development of the agricultural sector has led to the emergence of a huge number of liquid fertilizers on the market, which are used to increase crop yields. Among the popular – ammonia water, urea ammonium nitrate (UAN), liquid nitrogen fertilizers, anhydrous ammonia. This raises a number of urgent problems for farmers: where is it best to store fertilizers and how to ensure quick access to storage facilities? Aquapolymer Engineering is engaged in solving similar tasks for agro-industrial complex. The company manufactures modular tanks for storage of UAN. Tanks are designed in accordance with modern technology of prefabricated structures. Tanks are related by the method of connected vessels, which allows you to quickly take the required amount of fertilizer. For large agricultural areas suitable 2 or more tanks. These tanks will be needed in practical applications for:
  • farms and agro-industrial enterprises;
  • wholesale suppliers of mineral fertilizers;
  • trading companies.

Characteristics of modular tanks

The components of CAS tanks are:
  • plastic or metal cover;
  • galvanized steel frame;
  • plastic membrane;
  • polypropylene insert.
Tanks for storage of UAN In addition to the standard offer, customers have access to tanks for storage of liquid fertilizers equipped with metal ladders, fittings, additional insulation, etc. The frame is assembled with bolts, which makes the tank strong and resistant to vibration or strong winds. The membrane provides the tightness of tank.

Advantages of fertilizer storage tanks

The advantage of our UAN tanks is the availability of mineral fertilizers in any season: weather or other factors do not matter. Additional benefits: Advantages of fertilizer storage tanks
  • At installation of a tank apply the tape base that will allow to save on special equipment. Depending on the installation location, the tanks are mounted above ground and underground.
  • Reliability of a membrane will allow to keep aggressive substances for a long time.
  • Compact dimensions: tanks up to 2000 m3 are transported by only one car.
  • Tanks can be quickly disassembled and transported to other installation locations.
  • Our offer is more than 160 variants of tanks, with a volume from 15 to 5000 m³.
  • You can clarify some nuances, ask questions in the form on the website or by calling the manager.