Drinking and technical water

Drinking and technical water

Tanks for storage of drinking and technical water

TANKS FOR DRINKING AND TECHNICAL WATER Creating the strategic water reserves for many businesses and individuals is a topical and very important issue. Water for irrigation, domestic and technical needs is needed constantly, and in the case of a central water supply pipeline accident, many become hostage to the situation. The only correct solution in this situation is to order the construction of a modular tank for the creation of stocks of drinking and technical water in the “Aquapolymer Engineering”company. Our modular tanks, in contrast to obsolete welded tanks, are manufactured using new technologies and are designed for at least 25 years of service, which generally increases the return on investment. Modular tanks allow:
  • create water reserves on farms;
  • provide the fire safety at the object;
  • regularly watering land plots and fields;
  • provide drinking water to entire human settlements and agro-industrial complex facilities;
  • cultivation of fish, crawfish, shrimp for further sale;
  • to ensure the normal operation of hotel complexes and sanatoriums.

Advantages of modular tanks from  company Aquapolymer Engineering

Tanks for storage of drinking and technical water The durability of our water tanks is not the only advantage. A completely new approach and the use of quality materials according to the specifications, provide a number of advantages of our tanks, which differ favorably in comparison with welded tanks.
  1. Long shelf life of drinking water due to the installation of environmentally friendly membrane.
  2. Possibility of storage of drinking, technical water, weakly aggressive substances and other liquids at a temperature to 110˚С, and to avoid heat losses it is possible to insulate tank in addition by means of insulation.
  3. Tanks can be mounted outdoors or indoors. Installation work takes little time, while there is no need to use special equipment, which reduces the financial cost of the project.
  4. The cost of a modular tank is 2-3 times lower than similar structures made of concrete or metal.
  5. Compact collapsible structures are easily transported to the site, which also reduces the cost of work.
  6. Possibility of a complete set of the additional equipment (sensors, thermoelectric heaters, ladders, shut-off valves) allows to satisfy needs for each customer.

Order tanks for storage of drinking and technical water

We offer a huge selection of standard sizes of tanks, depending on the tasks facing you. For more information, contact our managers by tel. 380672458889 or leave a request on our website.