With the onset of cold weather, the number of fires in apartments, private homes and small businesses increases significantly. People try to heat their homes or workplaces with various electrical and heat generating devices that can cause fires if used incorrectly or broken. Most often, to save money, people use homemade heaters or open flame sources, which are often the cause of fires in buildings and structures. Let’s highlight the main causes of fires in the autumn-winter season, according to statistics from the Ministry of Emergencies:
  1. Faulty electrical wiring and the use of homemade heaters are often the cause of fires in houses, apartments and in the workplace.
  2. Stove heating is always associated with the risks of burning private houses heated by firewood. Cracks in stoves and fireplaces can cause a fire in the house. The probability of fire increases with the use of flammable liquids to ignite solid fuels.
  3. Careless handling of fire, violation of fire safety rules in the home and at work are often the cause of accidents.
  4. Fires often occur due to the moral and physical aging of the wiring in the house. Damaged electrical cable insulation can cause short circuits and fires.
  5. Improper use of gas and gas appliances. Gas is an explosive substance that requires very careful handling by the user. It is impossible to use a gas stove for space heating and especially to leave gas burners unattended.
  6. Fires with careless handling of open flames. It is strictly forbidden to leave matches or lighters unattended if there are children in the family. For them, it’s just a toy.
  7. Fires in industries and small businesses occur due to improper compliance with the requirements and rules of Fire Safety.
Fire extinguishing tank

How to prevent fires

To reduce the likelihood of fires in the house, apartment or workplace, it is necessary to comply with the minimum fire safety requirements:
  • it is necessary to periodically monitor the condition of the wiring, its insulation;
  • you can not overload the wiring and turn on powerful heating devices at the same time;
  • it is forbidden to clutter emergency passageways, entrances and exits, doors, windows;
  • it is necessary to properly store kerosene, gasoline, oil and other kind of fuels and lubricants;
  • do not light fires near houses and farm buildings, summer houses, plantings, forests and other fire-hazardous objects;
  • it is forbidden to operate a broken socket, circuit breakers, switches and other devices.
How to prevent fires

Extinguishing the fire

For storage of fire technical water used for extinguishing fires of private houses, cottage and rural settlements, modular tanks for storage of water of an above-ground or underground design successfully approach the territory of the enterprise. In order to be able to operate fire water storage tanks in the winter, such tanks are insulated with thermal insulation or equipped with thermoelectrical heaters that will not allow water to freeze. To buy modular tanks, contact a consultant of our company and he will calculate the cost of the tank of the appropriate volume and configuration