Reserves of drinking water

Reserves of drinking water

With the introduction of quarantine in Ukraine, there were interruptions in the supply of drinking water to remote human settlements. This issue is especially acute on the eve of the spring-summer season, when the lack of water affects villages and towns, businesses and private households. The difficulty of water delivery, due to quarantine measures and the poor condition of roads of district importance, does not play into the hands of household owners, farmers, private entrepreneurs. But for many, breeding cattle or small livestock is the only possible survival factor today. Someone is engaged in private farming, successful management of which requires large supplies of drinking water. Special water storage tanks will help to solve the problem. What are they like? What are they made of? What are the features of drinking water storage tanks? Reinforced concrete tanks are very expensive and time consuming to manufacture, require special attention in the maintenance process, so their relevance is exhausted. They have been replaced by high-tech plastic tanks and special prefabricated modular tanks, in which the liquid does not lose its primary properties for a long time, without the formation of a specific odor, caused by action of ultraviolet light. Such tanks are well suited for long-term storage and creation of large water reserves.

Plastic tanks

If we compare with the same reinforced concrete products, then plastic tanks: Convenient in transportation;
  • Have a light weight;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • are inexpensive;
  • Environmental friendly;
  • Resistant to UV-rays.
Such features allow the use of plastic tanks in the home to create reserves of drinking water, quality water for cooking, washing machines, household needs. These tanks are relevant for rural areas: water for watering the garden, vegetable garden, feeding animals, etc. Tanks are made of polypropylene or polyethylene sheets, which are used in the food industry. They can store bulk or liquid substances, transport various products. Due to their relatively small capacity, plastic tanks are suitable for the needs of individuals or small businesses.

Modular tanks

for drinking water   Modular tanks (reservoirs) – quickly erected products that can provide drinking water to entire human settlements. The strength and durability of the structure is achieved due to the galvanized corrugated frame, moisture resistance – polypropylene insert. According to the method of installation, there are aboveground and underground water storage tanks. You do not need to use special equipment to install aboveground tanks. Modular tanks are manufactured in certain sizes up to 2000 m3. Individual design is also possible.The quality of the membrane allows you to store drinking water, food and mildly aggressive liquids. You can buy cheap tanks for drinking water storage from us and order professional installation on site. Contact our manager to place an order for a tank.