Water supply disruptions: ways to solve the problem

Water supply disruptions: ways to solve the problem

Up to 40% of Ukrainians experience problems with water supply, which is due to the poor condition of utilities and water supply pipelines. Strategic water reserves are needed not only to ensure the drinking regime, but also to solve various problems: firefighting, watering land, cattle farming, organizing production and technological processes and much more. Morally obsolete metal welded tanks for watering, which were used earlier, quickly rust and break down under the influence of corrosion processes. They have been replaced by practical and durable modular tanks with a service life of up to 50 years. Such a tanks for water can provide quality water not only to individual farms, but also to the whole village or human settlement. If water supply interruptions are relevant for you, Aquapolymer Engineering company will design, manufacture and install modern modular tanks to create strategic water reserves for household needs and the organization of irrigation of greenery. We will change the situation with water supply of human settlements and private farms for the better. Advantages of modular tanks water supply interruption 1s

Advantage of modular tanks

The use of modular tanks will allow to organize the work of small farms, country houses, cottages, hospitals, government agencies. 5 reasons why you should order modular tanks:
  • for construction of capacity it is not necessary to involve special equipment that will save an item of expenses;
  • installation of the tank can be performed underground and aboveground, depending on the tasks and conditions at the site;
  • for installation of a tank it is enough to prepare the tape base;
  • environmentally friendly membrane allows to store drinking water for a long time;
  • to be able to use the tank for its intended purpose in the winter, we recommend installing thermoelectric heaters and additionally insulate the walls of the tank with polystyrene foam.
water supply interruptions

Scope of application of modular tanks

The scope of application of modular tanks is not limited:
  • Villages and human settlements where water from wells is used, which is not enough to meet the needs of consumers in the morning and evening.
  • Production and industrial facilities, where it is necessary to ensure the technological process and fire-fighting regime.
  • Private farms, hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

To order a modular tank for your tasks, contact the manager by phone.