Innovations in liquid storage

Innovations in liquid storage

More recently, a new type of tanks has appeared on the Ukrainian market, which fully satisfies all needs – modular tanks. They are prefabricated tanks with a steel frame and a plastic membrane. The volume of liquid can be from several tens to several thousand cubic meters. The main structural element is 2 mm thick corrugated steel sheet. Its rigidity allows you to replace a flat steel sheet with a thickness of 4 to 5 mm. Inside the frame is placed a film of polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride, which has improved characteristics. The parts of the structure have a minimum weight, can be carried by hand and transported without the use of heavy transport. Small tanks can be assembled without site planning. When building large objects, a conventional strip foundation is sufficient. The volume and design depend on the purpose of the tank.the tanks  for storage of  water and other liquids have many applications. There are a number of uses in which the most important are the following parameters:
  • low cost;
  • ease and speed of assembly;
  • installation in hard-to-reach places.
A significant advantage of modular tanks is the ability to assemble in already built premises. You do not need to disassemble the walls or roof of the building. Installation does not require special expensive equipment. modular tanks 1

Application scope

Using modular containers allows you to create the following objects:
  • storage of drinking and technical water;
  • aboveground and underground fire water storage tanks
  • ground and underground tanks for oil, molasses and other non-aggressive and weakly aggressive liquids;
  • storage of liquid mineral fertilizers;
  • fish farming tanks.
  The ability to quickly and without prior preparation to organize a supply of drinking water plays a particularly important role. Pipeline accidents, severe climate change lead to its shortage and can cause epidemics and disease outbreaks. The absence or lack of water affects the rhythm of industrial enterprises. Many technological processes require its stable supply and the presence of an emergency reserve is a mandatory condition. Modernization of industrial facilities also requires a cheap way to organize fire extinguishing tanks and create storage facilities for liquid raw materials. Storage of liquid mineral fertilizers in the immediate vicinity of the place of application allows to reduce time and material costs for delivery.  


modular tanks MakBox company manufactures modular tanks with a capacity of 20 to 4,000 m3. The quality of the used membrane makes it possible to use tanks for storage of non-aggressive and mildly aggressive liquids. The resistance of the polymer to UV radiation allows you to build open tanks for water and other liquids. MakBox prefabricated tanks are advantageous to use for a number of reasons:
  • low price;
  • full set of sanitary and hygienic conclusions and certificates;
  • service life is 50 years;
  • manufacturer`s 5-year warranty;
  • turnkey project development and construction;
  • the time interval between the receipt of the order and the commissioning of the ready-to-use tank is from 21 days.