How to keep water reserves fresh on an industrial scale

How to keep water reserves fresh on an industrial scale

Water is the most valuable resource. For large-scale water storage, stationary reinforced concrete and welded steel tanks were previously used, which did not provide long-term storage of liquids, were expensive to manufacture and lasted no more than 10-15 years. Plastic tanks have also been used for water storage recently, but their small capacity is not able to provide large reserves of fresh water on an industrial scale. But that all changed when modular MakBox tanks appeared on the market – tanks made by the technology of prefabricated structures. The standard modular tank for storage of water on 2000 cubes is mounted in 2-3 days. If necessary, modular tanks can be disassembled and transported to another location.   tanks for water supply at the enterprise   The modular tanks design consists of several elements:  
  1. The framework made of galvanized corrugated sheet is 2-3 times stronger than the same made of a smooth sheet. The metal sheets are bolted together with a strength of 8.8. The framework is assembled in a day.
  2. Tape concrete foundation (with or without deepening into the ground by 2.3 m). The tank is placed on the base and fastened with clamps that prevent displacement or overturning of the structure caused by wind loads. After installation, the tank is filled with water and several times compacted at the base.
  3. The roof is: metal corrugated or plastic. Tanks for irrigation purpose can not be equipped with a roof, and thus save the funds. Metal roofing rests on roof An inspection hatch can be provided in the roof if the technological process requires it.
  4. Elastic insert made of polypropylene – one of the important elements of modern modular tank, which allows for a long time to keep water stocks fresh on an industrial scale. The insert ensures the tightness of the tank, prevents dust and other contaminants from entering during operation.

Types of modular tanks

 The design of modular tanks allows to store not only water, but also other valuable liquids for a long time. For example, modular tanks for storage of UAN allow to create stocks of liquid mineral fertilizers for the needs of the agro-industrial complex. High quality polypropylene membrane does not react with drinking water, products, carbide-ammonia mixtures, ensuring their long-term storage.   Also it should be noted the modular tanks for fish and shrimp farming. For these tasks use tanks up to 1.5 meters high and a capacity of up to 1000 cubic meters. The tanks are additionally equipped with fish feeders, a filtration and oxygen supply system. The volume and design of the tank is determined depending on the number of farmed fish. Modular tanks are suitable for storing oil and molasses, as they are made of environmentally friendly materials. To prevent freezing of the product, the tanks are equipped with heating systems and insulated with a layer of thermal insulation. For fast draining/filling of liquids the design of the tank provides outlet and inlet branch pipes accordingly.


to order modular tanks for water MakBox company offers to order modular tanks for water and other liquids with a capacity of up to 5,000 cubic meters on favorable terms with installation at the customer’s site. We accept orders throughout Ukraine. We organize the delivery of assembly elements of tanks. We complete tanks with sensors, thermoelectric heaters, shut-off valves and other equipment for proper operation.