Fire water storage tanks

Fire water storage tanks

A fire always occurs unexpectedly, no one can rule out the 100% probability of its occurrence. Fire losses largely depend on fire control methods – the faster, the better the chances of minimizing damage. Water storage tanks allow to properly ensure the fire extinguishing process and are included in the list of basic means of fire protection. Fire water storage tanks are used in industrial and agricultural enterprises, plants and factories, gas stations and important strategic facilities where there are problems with water supply.
Fires in fields and forests
Forest Fire

Summer is a fire season

Statistics show that the largest number of fires occurs in the summer, when people go to rest in nature. The worst thing is that with the strengthening of the wind, even a small fire begins to spread with incredible speed, covering an increasing area. The flames can instantly spread to nearby buildings, even more dangerous when the forest begins to smoke. Taking care of the safety of themselves and others, landowners must anticipate the possibility of unforeseen situations and equip fire water storage tanks on the territory. Due to the immediate use of primary fire extinguishers in most cases it is possible to quickly eliminate the fire, and even if it does not work out on their own, the availability of the required amount of water resources simplifies the task for firefighters.

Fire water storage tanks: types, advantages

fire tanks You can order a water storage tank of different design and volume. MakBox manufactures tanks, both vertical and horizontal, rectangular or cylindrical. Accommodation is possible both aboveground and underground. Underground tanks are chosen by organizations that do not have a large area to save space. Tanks with underground placement are equipped with the strengthened external waterproofing. This location is also popular in places with harsh climates: defrosting is excluded, which means protection of the case against destruction.

Modular fire extinguishing tanks

fire tanks Modular tanks are one of the best solutions in terms of fire protection. The term “modular” means that the structure consists of standard elements that are easily assembled into one. This not only simplifies the assembly of the tank, but also significantly speeds up installation. To insulate the frame, special geomembranes are used, designed to increase the water resistance and extend the service life of the tank. You can order water storage tanks of different volumes from our company. Note that the location of the reservoir below the level of the earth’s surface has a number of advantages. In addition to saving space, such tanks are easier to maintain, they are practical to operate. To order a fire extinguishing tank of modular type is more profitable than vertical steel. In addition, such a tank has a number of advantages:
  • small in size and weight modules are easy to transport to the location;
  • the steel framework gives to the module necessary rigidity;
  • the product is easily disassembled and assembled, which allows you to change the location;
  • the inner layer provides water resistance, long service life;
  • coating of the metal surface with zinc extends the service life – warranty 5 years, service life up to 50 years;
  • tanks easily withstand natural disasters: withstand wind gusts up to 45 m/s, earthquakes up to 7 points.
fire tanks to order Having fire extinguishers on site will help you deal with any emergency. To buy a tank for water storage in Lviv or in Ukraine it is enough to fill the application on our website. Our managers will contact you and help you choose the type of tank, depending on the size of the object. Please contact us.